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Macroalgae workshop

Tue 28th Oct

Location: Premier Inn London Heathrow Airport (Bath Road).

This event is a seaweed stakeholder workshop focusing on the "Benefits and Risks from Biomass Production with Seaweeds”. 

Delegates are welcome from environmental affiliations,  consumer protection organizations and governmental agencies as well as from the commercial and industry sector. 

The event will take place from 9.30am - 4.30pm. 

The workshop will be discussing the following questions:

Could ecosystem services provided by the cultivation of seaweeds compensate the unfavourable energy balance?

Which is better, wild harvest or cultivation of seaweeds?

Is seaweed cultivation in competition to other users of the marine ecosystem?

Employment in rural areas but low income jobs only?

What are the perceptions of the use of non-native seaweeds?